16 good reasons to become your supplier

  1. aeronova laboratoryWe are large enough to purchase production materials worldwide in large quantities at low prices, due to a precise supply chain management and sufficient storage capacities.
  2. We are small enough to serve you with a personal touch. There is one personal contact person who reliably takes care of your concerns and issues. We visit our customers regularly and they are very much welcome to visit our company in Dresden.
  3. We can rely on over 40 years of experience in the aerosol business. National and international contacts to other aerosol fillers, close relations to our suppliers and various memberships in different organisations keep us up-to-date with the daily aerosol business.
  4. aeronova producingOur production capacity has a high fail safety: in case of an unexpected machine down time, we can easily make up the delay on one of our other filling lines thanks to our flexible working power.
  5. We have never rejected an order because of a capacity bottleneck – we always find a solution!
  6. We have a very lean, efficient working system – all processes are permanently scrutinized and checked for positive changes.
  7. Our customers trust in us and our products, and that is what we want to give back to them: trust and confidence. We are striving for a long-term relationship with our business partners.
  8. We permanently try to think further – to think ahead of our customers to make it as easy as possible to work with us.
  9. aeronova producingAlthough we are mainly a production plant, we are as well a service provider. These are some of the services that we offer: checking customer liquids if they are suitable for an aerosol application, choosing the best valve and actuator systems, creating material safety data sheets and product information, and all questions regarding labels.
  10. More than once, we could prove our flexibility and performance when helping out other aerosol fillers for several months because of a complete breakdown of their own production facility.
  11. We are there for you from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
  12. We are an independent company, managed by the owner. All our actions are strongly focused on our business with our customers.
  13. Our turnover is not based on one or two large customers, but rather on many small customers and only a few larger ones. This makes us a more reliable partner for you.
  14. aeronova producingWe are flexible enough to offer you filling lots of 1.000 cans – on the other side, it is no problem for us to manage filling lots of 100.000 cans as well.
  15. Sometimes, we are called a “contract filler“, but we can do much more than that: thanks to our own laboratory and mixing facility, the share of pure contract filling of customer material is as low as 5% of our total output.
  16. Last but not least: in case of a complaint, we assure you a quick and easy processing of your complaint. We have installed a sophisticated complaint management to register, document and evaluate all complaints. It reliably helps us to identify systematic defects and to avoid these mistakes in the future.