Spring 2018: Successful re-certification of our QMS and up-grade to the version 2015

Our quality management system ISO 9001 was successfully re-certified and up-graded to the current version of 2015. The ISO 13485 system will follow later this year. The current certificates can be downloaded here.

Winter 2017: Completion of „Mixing facility no. 2“

Altogether with the construction of „Storage3“, a second and bigger mixing facility was set up, offering 100 square meters of usable space and a state-of-the-art agitator. The new equipment (e. g. 2 mixer, one of them a high-speed Turrax) not only allows a very efficient production and a larger over-all output of active ingredients, but it also has established the technical redundancy in this part of the manufacturing process.


Fall 2017: Completion of our new storage building „Storage3“

Another old building complex has been torn down and replaced with a warehouse with 350 square meters usable space. The building is mainly used for the storage of empty aerosol cans and cardboard boxes, but it also includes our new storage room for labels and a room for efficiently heating-up of oils, adhesives lubricants and similar water-polluting substances.

Spring 2016: targeted labelling with self-adhesive labels

We have equipped one of our production lines with a fully automatic labelling machine which can not only process regular paper labels (attached with wet glue), but also self-adhesive labels (labels on roll). We recommend to use self-adhesive labels if the product is exposed to high humidity or very fluctuating temperatures during transport, storage or later usage. The machine is also equipped with a target function that allows that the label is applied at a specified position of the can. This makes a partial labelling possible, which is especially interesting when using printed cans - for example, to position a small label with a foreign safety text on the printed German safety text, leaving the rest of the can unchanged.

Fall 2015: stamps with aeronova - design

Over the last 3 years, the German post forwarder "Deutsche Post AG" has confronted us with regular increases of postage and occasional strikes. This is why we have decided to switch to "PostModern", a young and privately owned post forwarder. In addition, we will use personalized stamps - take a look at them the next time you receive a letter from us!


From 2015 on: we use "green" power

It is our goal to be as ecological as possible, so from 2015 on we use only electricity that has been produced in highly sustainable hydropower plants. This contributes to a further reduction of CO2.

The certificate for green power can be downloaded here.




Summer 2014: Microdosage

We are now technically capable to dose liquid ingredients in the range of 1 – 10 ml, with an accuracy +/-1%. Some specialty products require such small amounts of active ingredient, dispensed with the highest possible accuracy.

Turnaround 2013/2014: Certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

  The goal was to get a confirmation that our management system is in compliance with the ISO-norm 13485, in order to fulfill the increased requirements of developing and manufacturing medical devices. In addition, the certificate enables us to demonstrate our capabilities towards our customers and suppliers.

On this occasion, our quality management system was certified simultanuously according to the ISO-norm 9001.

Summer 2012: we are celebrating 25 years of aeronova!

Two-and-a-half decades of company history - this makes it worthwhile to look back and remember the highs and the lows, the good and the bad days, success and failure, joy and sorrow. We are astonished how fast the years have passed by - but working together with our clients and suppliers gives us the strenght to go on every day. I want to thank all workers who have made this possible, in particular our valued clients and suppliers. Your sincerely - Martin M. Huber


Spring 2012: Installation of a gas chromatograph

We have equiped our laboratory with a gas chromatograph of the newest generation. The machine, which was tailor-made for our needs, is used for analyzing chemical formulations, giving very exact results in a very short period of time. This enables us to improve and strengthen our R&D capabilities tremendously.



Summer 2011: Construction of a new office and lab building

Over the last 15 years, we have primarily invested in machinery, production and storage facilities. Now, a new 3-storey building is erected to be used as office and laboratory space and for the reception of customers and suppliers.

The building is technically up-to-date, with controlled room ventilation supported by a soil collector, smoke and fire detectors with an automatic connection to the fire department of Dresden, triple glas insulation and burglar alarm system. The building is expected to be completed by the end of 2011. The photo shows the state of construction in October 2011. 

Spring 2009: A new way of marking the cardboard boxes

Our customers increasingly ask for a scanner-readable marking of the cardboard boxes, for example with bar-, QR- or datamatrix code. Or it is desired that the company or product logo will also appear on the boxes. Now, we can offer our customers such a marking with a 10 x 10 cm large self-adhesive label.

The standard marking of the boxes is done by inkjet-printing (maximum 2 lines), but we can also stick a can label on the boxes. 

Fall 2008: Ecological initiative


Even without being certified according to ISO 14001, we are committed to protect our environment and to use all natural resources with a very high responsibility. Production waste like metal, paper/cardboard and plastic foils are properly separated and ecologically recycled. Hazardous waste like faulty cans, sample cans and chemical residues are properly disposed off at certified disposal centres.
To save precious drinking water, we have installed a rain harvesting system for our company´s toilets. In addition, we have installed a combined heat and power unit (CHP) which allows us to produce our own heat and power with a very high efficiency (up to 98%). Another way to improve our ecological balance was done by building the roof of our new chemical storage as a “green” roof.
For many years, the waste heat of our air compressors are used to heat up our storage buildings. 

Neubau ChemielagerSummer 2008: New chemical storage

An old part of our company building was demolished and replaced with a new storage building for flammable liquids, having a capacity of 2 x 20.000 liters. The highest safety standards are met like e. g. permanent ventilation, safety basin, self-closing doors and gates, anti-static and chemical resistant floor coating. Various sensors are able to detect fire, smoke, heat or solvent fumes and would automatically alert the fire department of the city of Dresden.

Data sheets in foreign languagesSummer 2007: Material safety data sheets in foreign languages

Thanks to an upgrade of our safety data sheet software, we can offer our customers all safety data sheets not only in German, but also in English, French, Russian, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese and Czech. The MSDS in your home language is for free and every additional language version can be done for a small fee, due to a licence agreement with our software supplier. The documents can be issued with your own company name and logo as well.

Shrink-wrapping of products in foilSpring 2006: Shrink-wrapping of products in foil

We were able to offer our customers shrink-wrapping of products in foil already for a long time, but now this process was intergrated directly ("in-line") in the production process. By shrink-wrapping, products can obtain an additional protection or they can be put together as sets ("Mother-daugher-set"). Even different products and can formats can be shrink-wrapped with foil. The photo shows 5 aluminium cans with the format 35x65 (35 ml).

Spring 2005: Motorbike chain spray wins competition 

Motorbike chain spray wins competitionThe German motorbike magazine "MOTORRAD", edition no. 07 of March 3, 2005, has tested various chain lubrication sprays for heavy motor bikes, e. g. such well-known brands like Caramba, Castrol, Motul or Shell. The winner of this competition, though, was filled by aeronova. The most important test criteria, which is seen in the lubrication ability of the active ingredient, was performed with the maximum test points.

Spring 2005: NSF-Registration


aeronova is now registered as an official licensee of the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) with its company number 1W530. The certification according to NSF is especially interesting for products used in the food and beverage industry where it is difficult to keep the product from getting into contact with the foodstuff. Once aeronova has received a NSF certificate for its product, our customers can easily obtain the same certificate by a so-called "rebrand" for a reasonable price.

Easy and fast access via highway A17Fall 2004: Easy and fast access via highway A17 

Highway A17, leading from Dresden to Prag, has been under construction for a few years now. The largest bridge of this highway spans our company´s valley, the Lockwitzvalley. In fall 2004, the next exits Dresden-Süd and Dresden-Prohlis and in summer 2005, exit Heidenau, will be opened. The exits Dresden-Prohlis and Heidenau are within a short distance of our company and will tremendously improve our accessability.

Highway bridge over the Highway bridge over the Lockwitzvalley - our company is situated in the right top.

Completion of a new warehouseSummer 2004: Completion of a new warehouse

To fulfill the growing storage need of our company, an old run-down building was torn down and replaced by a modern, insulated warehouse building. It has a usable area of approx. 500 square meters and will be used primarily for storing empty aerosol cans, actuators, valves as well as card board boxes. 

Spring 2004: Rating by the university of Dresden


aeronova took part in the project "100 ratings for small and medium sized business in Saxony", led by the university of Dresden. For the years 2000-2002, a finance rating of "AA" according to Standard&Poor´s was determined. In addition, the excellent economic stability of our enterprise was confirmed by the pre-mature repayment of the only outstanding bank loan which was taken out in 1997 for the re-construction of the propellant storage. Thanks to its financial independence, aeronova can be a reliable partner for customers and suppliers as well - especially in economically difficult times.

Casino in the original packagingFall 2003: Production end of "Casino Eau de Toilette" original packaging 

One of the classic, rarely obtainable products from the times before the wall came down: Casino Eau de Toilette 50 ml, availabel in the original packaging and as a refill. For economic reasons, the orginal packaging will no longer be offered, because the production of its packaging was extremely costy. The refill product is and will definitely be available for a few more years.

"Casino in the original packaging" 

Summer 2003: replacement of ISO 9001:1994

CertificateIm Juli 2000 ist das Qualitätsmanagement unseres Unternehmen, nach nur 7 Monaten Vorbereitungszeit, durch den TÜV Süddeutschland nach DIN EN ISO 9001:1994 zertifiziert worden. Die 2001 und 2002 durchgeführten Überwachungsaudits haben die einwandfreie Einhaltung der Norm bestätigt.

In July 2000, our quality management system was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:1994, after only 7 months of preparation. The supervision checks performed in 2001 and 2002 have proven the complete compliance with the system requirements. In July 2003, we were required to re-certify our quality management system according to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. This could have been done only at a high financial and administrative cost, though.

It is our firm and honest conviction, though, that we are able to maintain, supervise and secure the quality standard of our company now and in the future without the ISO 9001 standard.

For this reason,our quality management system will not be certified to ISO anymore. Of course, the decision to do so did not come easy to us and we have included our customers´ and suppliers´ opinion in our own thoughts. After assessing and evaluating all advantages and disadvantages, we have come to the perception that high quality will always prevail, no matter if it is based on the ISO-standard or not.

Nonetheless, we still guarantee all our customers a reliable and flexible order processment at the same high quality level as with ISO! In addition, we happily invite all our valued clients to evaluate our new quality management system and to control its enforcement at any time.

Air condition sealing and refreshing

Spring 2003: Patend pending for "air condition sealing and refreshing"

We have applied for a world wide patent for an aerosol that makes it possible to re-fill circuits and pipes that are under pressure (e. g. air condition systems) without disrupting, emptying or evacuating them at high cost. The product includes a special adapter to hook up the aerosol can to the circuit. Beside a re-fill, the product can also transmit sealing and detecting substances, adapted to the specific need.

Spring 2003: Issue of the patent"Separating aid - spray"

In spring 2003, the German patent agency has granted us the patent no. 10053940 for a "product for easy removal of polymeres of polyurethan from surfaces". Its main purpose is found in the replacement of automobil windshields, where the old body of fixation glue can be cut much easier after the application of the product.

purification system for waterFall 2002: purification system for water

For products like e. g. screen or windshield cleaning foam, our new water purification system produces a water quality below the value of 0.5 µSiemens/cm. In addition, all deviations of certain values in the public water supply will not have an influence any more on the final product. 




FlowersSummer 2002: 15 years aeronova 

In the summer of 2002, we proudly celebrated aeronova´s 15th anniversary. On this occasion, we would like to express once more our thanks to all our customers, suppliers and other business friends for their sucessful cooperation. Looking forward for to our 20th anniversary, we want to give all our customers that extra effort in those years to come.


Spring 2002: Filling of medical and sterile products

Under the supervision of an external inspection agency, we are enabled to fill medical products of class I and II. In addition, depending on the kind of active ingredient, we are able to supply you with absolutely sterile products. Contact us for more details - especially, if you are looking for someone to realize your new ideas or inventions!