Label Information

We can label your product, ready-to-sell, at very low cost and in high-quality,  in-line during the production process. We mainly use high-gloss paper labels, because they are cheaper than self-adhesive labels. If the product is, however, exposed to high humidity or very fluctuating temperatures during transport (in a sea container, for example), storage or later usage (like in South America or Asia), we recommend to use self-adhesive labels.

We have installed 3 modern wet glue paper label labelling machines, one of them being able to apply self-adhesive labels as well. In addition, the self-adhesive label can be attached to a specified position on the can, thus allowing also partial over-labelling or positioning the label in relation to the seam of the can.

To label your product, you can supply us with ready-to-use labels or you can send us the corresponding printing data, preferably by e-mail (arranged in "4C" = euroscale = CMYK, resolution 300dpi, in all common formats but at least 1 x as pdf). We prefer receiving data to ensure a high quality result by getting the labels printed at our printing agency. No matter which way you prefer, we will store your labels correctly (at the right temperature and humidity) at not extra charge and we will inform you if labels have to be re-ordered.

This is how we usually proceed: we provide you with product information, material data safety sheet and further information concerning the labelling and you or your design agent create a label for your spray product. This version is sent to us by e-mail for approval and we will forward it to our printing agency if you don´t print the labels yourself. Our printing agency will return us a proof within a few days which we will forward to you, if your approval is required. Once we have given the approval to our printer, we receive the ready-to-use labels usually within two weeks.

In addition to our personal assistance, we want to give you the following information concerning the production of labels and printing data:

  • Required quality and standards for paper labels and self-adhesive labels
  • Required descriptions on standard aerosols
  • Label sizes and standard pallet packaging sizes

Required quality for high-gloss paper labels (not self-adhesive labels!)

  • The labels must be delivered as stack (single sheets)
  • Paper quality: 80 gramm/m², Chromolux 900 or similar quality
  • Protection varnish: dispersion, glossy
  • Fibre direction: vertical
  • Cut accuracy: ± 0,4 mm tolerance

Required quality for self-adhesive labels

  • The labels must be delivered on roll
  • Core diameter: 76 mm
  • Maximum outer diameter: 300 mm - please use this capacity for the maximum quantity of labels per roll
  • Minimum space between the labels: 3 mm
  • Winding of the labels: on the inside, ending of  the word up front (see illustration on the right side)

For both label types, but especially for paper labels, we strongly recommend that we buy the labels directly from our standard suppliers in order to ensure the required quality! Just send us your printing data, we take care of the rest!

If you prefer to send us labels, we need to receive them at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled production date, with a 10% surplus and packed in good conditions (not bent or wavy) to ensure a reliable and efficient labelling of your aerosol product. Please not that the labelling has to be done immediately in-line after filling and a later labelling can be done only manually at increased cost.

Required descriptions on standard aerosols

Please contact us or your domestic aerosol association to ask for details. Our safety data sheet program can define the current requirements in German, English, French, Finnish, Czech, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. Also, we strongly recommend that you send us a copy of your label draft for approval before you give the final green light to your printing agency.

According to GHS, the warning symbols have to be as large as 7% of the area covered of the warning and safety text. In any case, each symbol must be at least 10 mm x 10 mm, if possible even 16 mm x 16 mm. No additional text is necessary, because all phrases are included in the warning and safety text.

Chart for the label sizes

In the following chart, you can look up the measures that are required for the different label sizes. For paper-labels, an overlapping space on the right hand side of the label is required in order to ensure a reliable bonding of the label. This is the reason why the printing length is shorter than the label length. Do not place text or graphics in the overlapping space, just simply continue with the basic design. This means that the overlapping space should not be a white strip. A scale proof draft for paper labels can be found as a pdf in the chart.

When using self-adhesive labels, there should be no overlapping space!

Nominal size in
mm, Ø x height


Paper labels

Self-adh. labels

Print length*

Cans per
Pallet height
including pallet
50 ml** 75 35x88 aluminium

108 mm

108 mm 71 mm 5.120 1,34 m
100 ml 140 45/41x96 PDF

150 mm

141 mm

141 mm

81 mm 3.072 1,34 m
150 ml 210 52/48x105 PDF

173 mm

164 mm

165 mm 90 mm 2.304 1,43 m
200 ml 270 52/48x132 PDF 116 mm 2.016 1,53 m
53x142 aluminium PDF 110 mm

200 ml

270 50x156 aluminium PDF 155 mm   125 mm 2.016 1,46 m
300 ml 405 57/52 x164 PDF

188 mm

180 mm

180 mm 146 mm 1.512 1,28 m
400 ml 520 57/52x207 PDF 189 mm 1.260 1,50 m
65/60x157 PDF

214 mm

205 mm

204 mm 140 mm 1.176 1,66 m
66x178 aluminium PDF 136 mm
500 ml 650 65/60x195 PDF 178 mm 1.008 1,69 m
66x218 aluminium          171 mm
600 ml 800 65/60x240 PDF 222 mm 840 1,66 m

* measured from the left edge of the label. The remaining millimeters represent the overlapping space. The values in this column count only for paper labels!

** we can label these small cans only with self-adhesive labels.