FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Frage: What´s the difference between "necked-in"- and "straight"- cans?

"necked-in" and "straight" - cansThese two types of cans can be distinguished by their different shapes caused by their different welts or folds. The welt/fold connects the bottom of the can with the cylinder body as well with the upper part of the can, the so-called dome. As it says, the welts/folds of a necked-in can are necked-in and give the can a smooth, elegant look, where as the welts/folds of a straight can stand out a bit (1-2 mm). Due to the fact that necked-in – cans have several advantages compared to straight – cans, we don´t use straight - cans anymore. From 2009 on, we use only necked-in – cans.

Frage: What is the minimum order quantity required?

minimum oder quantityThe minimum order quantity depends on the can size, but usually it is one full pallet, of one product. The exact quantities per can size can be found in the data sheet “Label sizes and standard pallet packaging sizes” on the page “Label information”.

Frage: What is the minimum quantity for printed cans?

Printed cansFor aluminium cans, the minimum order quantity for printed cans lies at around 10.000 cans, depending strongly on the can dimension. For white tin cans, the dimension is important as well to anwer this question - for a 400 ml can, it lies around 25.000 pieces and you as our customer has to guarantee that you order these cans within the next 6 months. For the production of the printing layout, a single set-up charge has to be taken into account.

Frage: Wow long is the delivery time?

Delivery timeWe only fill just-in-time and order-related, that is, we usually do not have any finished aerosols in stock. Our general time to delivery is 3 - 4 weeks, for first-time orders 1 - 3 weeks longer. For printed cans, add about 6 weeks. Also, for first-time orders from abroad, we ask for some kind of payment security. We usually offer you CIF your hometown and our regular payment conditions are: payable within 14 days with a 2% discount or within 30 days net.

Frage: What regulations have to be considered when storing aerosols?

Storing aerosolsWe can only give you a reliable information for the German and Austrian market.

For all other areas, we strongly recommend that you contact your domestic aerosol association to ask for details.

Please always keep in mind: aerosols are classified as a dangerous good, many of the highly flammable, and should be stored and handled accordingly! Store in well-ventilated aeras and do not smoke

Frage: How long are aerosols usually in working order?

Working orderIf stored dry and at room temperatures and used according to our directions (e. g. to shake the can well prior to use or to spray the can up-side-down after use to clear the spray nozzle), we generally guarantee our aerosols for a time of at least 2 years. Almost all aerosols have a much higher product life, though, still working perfectly after 5 – 6 years!